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English Classes on Line - ETOL

We offer English classes online to people around the world since 2001.

Our classes are personal and live, through the Internet using Skype, FB Messenger or Whatsapp.

• The duration of each class is fifty [50] minutes.

• The monthly fee is proportional to the intensity of the classes. See the following table.

Weekly Classes
Monthly Fee
U.S. Dollars
Colombian Pesos
- High Intensity 5
$ 266
$ 800.000
- Average Intensity 3
$ 160
$ 480.000
- Low Intensity 2
$ 106
$ 320.000

Our basic course lasts twelve months, having a daily class Monday to Friday. The classes offer a high level of flexibility to suit your learning needs, location, schedule and budget.

Sign up now and take the first class with no obligation. Then, if you are satisfied with our classes and want to start, pay your first month. Limited space available.

To find out more information go to our classes page or contact us.

Office  Hours
Monday to Friday
7:00 am - 8:00 pm
[GMT -5]
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