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Rules and Regulations

We present our rules and regulations for students of English Teachers on Line. Its compliance is vital for the harmonious development of activities and the satisfaction of all the parts involved.

Requirements for the registration process. To enroll in our English classes is essential to present the identity card. Minors must be accompanied by their parents.

Classification tests. Person having some knowledge of English must take a placement test to determine the level to enroll.

Reclassification. If your English is not appropriate for the level which you have enrolled, you can ask for reclassification the first five days of the course.

Payment. We offer the following payment methods: directly at our headquarters, cash, and / or check. On our website you can make payments using your credit or debit card via Paypal the leader in Internet secure payments around the world.

Receipt of Payment. Without exception, to have class and / or access our website services students must present proof of payment within the first five (5) days of each month.

Adjournments. Students have to postpone a course for which you have registered, must do so by email during the first week of classes. The value of the course may be transferred to the next period, if your request is processed during the first week of classes. No refunds are allowed unless English Teachers on Line cancels the course.

Materials. The materials we provide has no cost and the student is entitled to use it for a period of one year. This material is for personal use and not transferable.

Tasks. Students must agree to make their best effort and work to meet the teacher indications to perform in hours outside of class.

Attendance and passing grades. To pass a course, it required 80% attendance and a minimum score of 7.0, otherwise, you cannot advance to the next level. The maximum number of absences per course is 20% of classes. When you exceed this limit will receive a final grade of Incomplete. Teachers are not allowed to remove failures therefore not accept any written excuses.

Cancellations. Students are entitled to cancel a certain number of classes (see box), which will be taken in agreement with the teacher as soon as possible. For holidays or business trips that require the student to miss several consecutive classes, he / she must notify in writing to English Teachers on Line, during the week before the event so that those hours will not be charged. In case of unpremeditated event, it will be credited only 50% of the hours billed do not take the student, and the bonus will be on the invoice to be submitted for the following month.

Number of classes per week:
Maximum classes allowed to cancel per month:

Cancellations surplus to permitted hours will be charged as given. Cancellations must be notified by email to English Teachers on Line at least eight (8) hours before the class to be canceled, taking into account that if the teacher present to class because he or she has not been notified in time of cancellation, class is considered as given it and will be charged.

The teacher will wait at the hour of the class for up to 20 minutes, if the student is not present after that time, the class will be withdrawn and it will be charged.

• Changes in schedules and / or abandonment of classes. To make a schedule change, you must apply by email to English Teachers on Line, no change to the schedule will be processed by English Teachers on Line, if it is not requested in writing. Schedule changes are only allowed during the first week of school, subject to availability in the schedule you want to have class. The change has no cost.

If the student stops attending a course and does not notify English Teachers on Line, there will be no refund for this item.

• The holiday classes are not replaced, nor the classes to which the pupil is absent for personal reasons and does not cancel in avance.

After the last class of the month can make your registration for the following month. English Teachers on Line does not reserve seats. The only way to ensure space is making tuition as soon as possible.

• Do I get a title at the end of all courses? You will not receive a title after taking our courses. At the end of each level will receive a certificate showing your attendance and the level at which to pass.

• Complaints and disagreements. Students are asked to have a complaint or disagreement, write to the email look like office@etol.org and how to solve your problem the best way.

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